Avant Pen - EZ Tattoo Cartridge Machine

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Avant pen is the latest version of the EZ Maxon Motor cartridge Pen machine. It comes with the disassemble design which investigated and developed by the EZTattooing.

Enhanced Motor allow you to make your tattoo smoothly and precisely.
Optional Grips for you to choose the one fit you the best.
Disassemble part allow you to maintain and lubricate easily
RCA adapter applied to fit the common used clip cord in the market.

Recommended working voltage:
For lining : The voltage should between 6V-7.5V
For colour packing and shading : The voltage should between 5V-6.5V.
The voltage should not exceed 8V as the maximum.

All the pen machine come with One Year Warranty.

The warranty is voided if you:
1. Open the sealing part of pen by your own, body of the pen scratched.
2. Accidently drop the machine (on the floor or inside the liquid)
3. Tamper with the motor.
4. Replace the spare part by your own.
5. Tattoo machine cannot work due to human factor (Misuse,Abuse or Unauthorized Modification.)

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